The latest addition to the Danaos Info@Gate maritime communication software is the iPad app Info@Gate OnTheGo!

Infogate OnTheGo


When you are not at the office, stay connected wherever you are using Info@Gate OnTheGo!
With the iPad, you can now manage your office messages with ease.

★★★★     Features     ★★★★

 ♦ Alerts_
View your office created alerts.

 ♦ Info@Gate Messages_
View all of your office created browsers.
Approve, be informed and perform other message procedures. View attachments. See who has read a message and what procedures have been performed. Forward, reply … and more.
InfoGateBrowsers       Infogate       Infogate message

 ♦ Send Message_
Reply or create a message using the company address book.
send panel

 ♦ Address Book_
Find companies, contacts. Access your office personal address book.
address book

View your office created events on the scheduler.
Monthly, weekly, daily view calendars are supported.

  Vessel Position List_
View the current position of your vessels on a map!
Position list       Position list
 ♦ My Documents_
Save documents at your office for easy reference when on the go!

★★★★  Need more information or support?  ★★★★
Send a message to requesting more information or support for this application.

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